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Good design is making something memorable.
Great design is making something memorable and meaningful. - D. Rams



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Design is a tool to help the tribe - P.Starck


A creative mind, a sharp skillset, a BSc in Product Design (Hons), two passports, a unique approach, a passion for astrophysics, an active learner, a craving for the next level, a curious musician, a well travelled past, a desire for a better future. Building on my passionate design approach I am a constant thinker and pursuer of design philosophy, always looking for a way to get better, smarter or more efficient.
I strive to maintain an outstanding level of professionalism through effective communication, presentation and personality built through a long-term involvement in an award winning, family run hospitality business. I am also a keen team roles enthusiast, which means I am highly enthusiastic towards team and group tasks, with great interest in maximizing efficiency and compatibility.


Hard Design Skills

DFM Review
CAD: Solidworks & Pro-E
Ideation Techniques
Prototype Fabrication
Rapid Prototyping
Adobe Suite
Divergent Thinking


My Hobbies

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You can't wait for inspiration. you have to go after it with a club - J.London


"What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals." - H.D.Thoreau


Always trying to Excel…

Always trying to Excel…

Approximately two years since my last entry – that’s not to say I haven’t been busy! – quite the opposite in fact. I have since: – Graduated from Brighton University – Designed interiors for hundreds of clients – Taken a shine to Astrophysics – Became a Design Specialist – Began to learn to play the […]

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Brighton Fringe exhibition 2015

Brighton Fringe exhibition 2015

Brighton Univeristy product design exhibition 2015 was a great success! A great looking studio and a very excited group of design graduates awaited the visitors from the fringe festival as they poured in over the event. The traffic was heavy and the complimentary beverages were flowing, but most importanly everyone involved had fantastic opportunities to […]

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Exhibition Marketing Graphic Design

Exhibition Marketing Graphic Design

Designing a few 2D marketing and advertising tools for the upcoming University Of Brighton Design Exhibition – May 2015… I don’t favour graphic design but after producing these, I’m starting to consider taking a course in Graphic media, as it is almost a necessity in our day to be visually skilled.

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Brighton Fringe Exhibition 2015 – Prep Time

Brighton Fringe Exhibition 2015 – Prep Time

Its awesome to see the Exhibition Team working hard to design and create our 2015 Fringe Festival Exhibit stands, I hope everyone gets to see the great work theyre doing at the May Design Exhibition!

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